We are an
A Miami-Dade County Public Charter School Serving Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Elementary Curriculum
Our Curriculum

Mater Academy East’s curriculum incorporates effective strategies, which align to the Florida State Standards. Our students are exposed to enriching hands-on experiences, which furthers their understanding and knowledge of the core academic subjects. Furthermore, our educational afterschool program has widely been credited with much of our student’s success, in conjunction with several research-based supplemental materials, which help to fortify an already advanced curriculum within a nurturing environment.  Our school believes in enhancing our curriculum with a strong integration of STEM into all facets of our students’ education. Through an exploration of STEM within our students' school day, students gain vital skills necessary to help them advance in life in our modern world. It is vital to prepare our students for the future, and we emphasize the merging of essential STEM skills into all classes so that students realize that their education is all connected. Highly qualified teacher assistants, which are present in every grade level, also play a significant role in assisting teachers and assuring student success. Furthermore, the school encourages parents as well as the local community to participate in the educational process via parent workshops, local partnerships, special parent nights and activities, and by providing several volunteer opportunities.  


The core philosophy and underlying purpose of Mater Academy East Charter School is reflected in a learning environment that allows students to learn and develop at their own pace. Students have choices that allow them to take ownership of their educational process from the get-go. Student success is reflected in the results of their academic achievements and demonstrates that the school continues to address the individual needs of all of its students and of the population we serve.