We are an
A Miami-Dade County Public Charter School Serving Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Mater Academy East Middle High’s curriculum focuses on clear measurable goals for student learning. The curriculum is developed to incorporate traditional teaching techniques with numerous innovative programs such as i-Ready, and afterschool Tutoring. Our program reflects high-quality instruction that implements research-based instructional strategies and various resources in a technology-rich environment in order to maximize learning for all students.       


Mater Academy East Middle High follows the Sunshine State Standards and Florida Standards. It encompasses the core subject areas such as Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, classes are offered in Art, Physical Education, Leadership Skills, Spanish, Business and Financial Planning. Our Honors Program also allows students striving for academic excellence an opportunity to explore a more rigorous curriculum. As a public charter school, all students participate in state standardized assessments and various district assessments in order to monitor academic progress and the mastery of subject matter.