We are an
A Miami-Dade County Public Charter School Serving Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Code of Excellence

We believe that a safe and orderly school is of primary importance.  When children behave in a respectful, responsible, and safe manner, they learn more and develop into responsible children whose “character counts”. 

The Mater Academy East Charter’s Code of Excellence is a school-wide plan, which clearly outlines student expectations.  Proper behavior is recognized and consequences are given for breaking our code.

 Each parent must take an active role in supporting this plan.  We want our children to learn and to be responsible citizens.  It is in the children’s best interest that parents and staff work together to ensure a happy, safe, and productive learning experience. 

At Mater Academy East Charter School, students are expected to be on their best behavior at all times.  These behaviors expected are as follows:

1)           Treat your peers and authority with respect.

2)           Be responsible for your actions.

3)           Obey all school rules.

4)           Always be prepared for class.

5)           Be on time to school and to all of your classes.

6)           Complete all assigned work.

7)           Treat school property with respect.

8)           Adhere to school uniform policy.

9)          Be a positive role model to others.